Program at a Glance

  May  8 (Wed) May  9 (Thu) May  10 (Fri)
Morning Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speech Session 3
Safeguards for Liberalization of Market
Access : What Safeguards?
Session 7
Impact of Levies on
Air Transport Sustainability
Session 1
Liberalization of International
Air Transport : The Journey So Far!  
Session 4
Liberalization of Air Cargo :
Regional and Global Approaches
Closing Session & Closing Ceremony
Afternoon Session 2
Sharing Regional Experiences
in Liberalization
Session 5
Promoting Cross-Border Investments in Airlines
CIAT Special
Session 2

Aviation Safety Issues and Directions
Industrial / Cultural Tour
( Foreigners Only )
Session 2
Sharing Regional Experiences in Liberalization
CIAT Special
Session 1

Efficient Access for Multidisciplinary Aviation Security
Session 6
Achieving Regulatory Convergence
CIAT Special
Session 3

New Challenges for Future Aviation
Evening Cocktail Reception Dinner  
Welcome Dinner